Is Ceramic Coating Good for Teslas?

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People simply love Tesla cars and there are plenty of reasons why they do. Tesla have almost zero emission, have all the necessary safety features, futuristic technology, great designs, and looks and impeccable customer service. There are plenty of customization options in the market as well to make your Tesla stand out from the rest.
There is plenty of debate about getting a Ceramic pro coating for Tesla cars. But before going into the pros and cons of the process, let us delve into the serious question, “what does Ceramic pro coating do to your precious car?” Ceramic Pro is a multi-layered, clear, liquid nano-Ceramic coating which can be done by body shops or can be done by yourself if you are brave and confident enough. The coating transforms itself on the surface with a durable and flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro comes with 3 times the hardness of wax coating and self-cleaning properties.
It is highly recommended that you get your Tesla coated by a certified shop. The experts clean up any paint imperfections and add a multi-layer clearcoat that beads up water like a freshly waxed car. Now let’s discuss the benefits of Ceramic Pro coating for Tesla cars. First and foremost, cleaning up gets easy. It does improve the look of your car. It makes it easier to clean your car. You don’t have to wax it for years, which reduces cost in long run as well. The Ceramic pro coating provides UV protection, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, and scratch resistance. It protects the car’s original factory paint as well. Any surface scratches that happen in the coating can be easily removed with light polishing. Plus, it gives your car a glossy look which makes it appear new for years. Permanent protection Ceramic Pro coating just requires a one-time application. Some body shops include a warranty for spot fixes for the “lifetime”. It is a profitable investment to keep your vehicle in great condition for many years.
Now just like any aftermarket item, it all depends on how much you want to spend on your luxury car like that from Tesla. The Ceramic pro coating can cost about $200-1500 depending upon model. Many people take the DIY route, but it is highly recommended to get it done by professionals only. The Corsa Motorsport provides plenty of customization and repair service for luxury cars such as Teslas. Starting from vehicle wraps, exhaust, suspension, paint protection, wheels and many more, they can customize exotic cars at great prices. Their website shows many past builds which shows their expertise in vehicle customization and brilliant service. They provide Ceramic pro coating services for your luxury car at attractive prices. Just head to their website to get a quotation for your Tesla. It is highly recommended to get your Tesla Ceramic pro coating to protect its exterior from deteriorating for a lifetime.



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