Corsa Motorsport is Orange County’s premier service facility for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and other European performance automobiles. 


Corsa technicians have years of specialized hands-on training and experience working with your specific automobile. Our technicians are experts in the particular brand of vehicle they work on, assuring your car is being attended to by someone who knows the ins and outs of your make and model like no one else.

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OUR Services

Our team at Corsa are all car enthusiasts with 10 + years of combined experience with fully customizing vehicles. 


Keeping up with your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule will ensure the long life of your car. And while this might be overwhelming, taking care of these regularly scheduled maintenance visits can save you time, money, and hassle down the road. Corsa Motorsport can not only help you with routine maintenance but can also assist you with any issues that you might experience with your vehicle.




Factory Services Offered:

Scheduled maintenance and service work from basic oil changes to major services.

Diagnostic work to troubleshoot drivability problems, poor performance, and intermittent problems.

All aspects of mechanical repairs including 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90k factory recommended service intervals.

Major engine repairs including valve jobs, head gaskets, reseal, and more

Complete engine rebuilds.

Corsa specializes in racing engine factory rebuilds, overhauls, and upgrades.

Gearbox servicing and rebuilding for both manual and automatic transmissions plus limited-slip differential servicing and upgrades

Suspension repairs, component replacement, upgrades, replacement shocks, suspension links, and specialty alignments.

Brake servicing and repairs from the simple pad and rotor changes to more complex brake upgrades


Corsa Motorsport has some of the most advanced performance diagnostic equipment in the industry. We made a commitment when we started that we would always have the best tools possible to diagnose repair problems and to help prevent them as well.


Advanced Diagnostics

Because cars are becoming more and more technical and computerized, with the right diagnostic equipment, it is much easier to determine problems than taking your engine apart. We can troubleshoot problems such as ABS issues, fuel injection problems, and other issues such as ignition and emission problems.

We make it easy for our customers to get in and get out with appointments by phone or online. We will quickly diagnose any potential or occurring issues. We also offer an extensive maintenance program to keep on top of issues before they become major concerns.

Our staff of automotive technicians have been trained and certified to work on all makes and models of vehicles, domestic or foreign and our commitment to provide the highest quality repair and maintenance services is just one reason why we have been voted the “Best Independent Auto Repair Facility in Huntington Beach” for two straight years in the Huntington Beach Press Telegram’s Readers Poll.


Corsa Motorsport is a leading installer and tuner of standalone engine management systems from Motec and Link as well as AIM.  As a development partner with GIAC, we can go beyond the ECU reflashing offered by most shops to instead custom calibrate a software tune for your specific vehicle with your specific hardware.  


Performance Tuning

Corsa offers a concierge service based on a driver’s particular needs for each tuning project. Our staff is trained and well-versed in the needs of a particular driver and his or her intended use of the vehicle.   Unlike most shops that sell parts out of a catalog, GMG brand specialists have firsthand experience with the products, services, and results involved in each vehicle modification.   No two individuals are alike so no two vehicles are tuned the same way at Corsa.


Widebody & aero kits are the ultimate modification in modern-day auto styling, making some vehicles unrecognizable by the average person. Choose a full kit, ready to install, or create your own look with individual aero components.


Aero & Wide Body Kit

After-Market Body Panel Installation

Change the look of your vehicle by swapping out body panels for after-market ones. There are a ton of options for hoods, trunks, fenders, bumpers, and mirrors to choose from. Carbon fiber options give an aggressive look

Spoiler Installation (Ducktail, GT Wing)

Add some aerodynamics, whether for aesthetics or function, with an after-market spoiler. There are many different kinds to help you achieve your goals. Decklid and ducktail spoilers are more subtle, while GT and chassis mounted wings are extra aggressive.

Lip Kit Installation

Lip kits are small enhancements that can make quite a difference in the aesthetics or performance of your vehicle. Carbon fiber lip kits & diffusers and front lip splitters are some of our favorite ground effects.

Body Kit Installation

Opt for a full face-lift with a body conversion kit. This SLS looked like an entirely different model when we were finished with it.

Widebody Kit Installation

Our favorite modification at Corsa Motorsport is definitely the widebody kit installation. It's a complete vehicle makeover that leaves you with a super aggressive stance. Widebody kits aren't complete without the right suspension & wheels. Check out some of our widebody kits, our favorite brands are Libertywalk, 1016 Industries, Rocket bunny, etc.


After-market suspension kits are amongst the most common vehicle modifications & are great for both aesthetics & performance enhancement. We can help you choose & install a lowering or lift kit that best suits your needs & lifestyle. Pricing varies per kit & vehicle. Please contact us for pricing on parts & installation.



Lowering Springs Installation

Springs offer a simple 1-2 inch drop using factory struts. Springs are an affordable way to lower your vehicle as most kits start around $200. They are an excellent choice for daily driven vehicles as they adjust the riding comfortability minimally (slightly stiffer) and are very reliable.

Coilover Kit Installation

Coilovers replace your vehicle's entire shock/strut and spring combination, which allows for many custom options and adjustments. With coil overs, you can adjust ride height, spring pre-load, shock damping, and rebound. They are individually adjusted, which allows you to fine-tune each corner for ultimate balance and control. Coilovers are a great option if you like to track your vehicle. Good quality kits are lighter in weight than the factory. You get much better handling overall with a huge improvement in cornering performance.

Air Suspension 

Air suspension kits are a long-time favorite of show car enthusiasts and with recent innovations, they are becoming more popular for the track. Air suspension kits allow for all of the same adjustment options as coilovers, making them an excellent option for someone wanting their suspension fine-tuned to their specifications. In addition to that, air suspensions allow you to adjust ride height and/or pressure. You can have different height settings set on a controller that you can change on the fly. This is great, because you can preset your vehicle's height for when your vehicle is parked, when it is driven, and even for obstacles. We also offer custom trunk-displays to show off your air tank & compressor.

Lift Kit 

Are you looking for a lift rather than a drop? Suspension lift kits can significantly alter your truck or Jeep’s handling and ride comfortability, usually making it more suitable for off-road performance, while giving it the tall, mean look that many truck & Jeep enthusiasts love.





Our Technicians are custom exhaust experts. With many years of experience with exhaust systems for vehicles both foreign and domestic, our trained technicians can help transform your ordinary car, van, SUV or light truck into a mean street machine.

Whether you’re looking to install a Header-back, Turbo-back or Cat-back exhaust system,  our expert mechanics can custom bend exhaust pipes to fit any make or model of vehicle, installing custom mufflers, resonators, pipes and other exhaust components.

We can help you decide which custom exhaust options are right for you to improve your vehicles power and sound. Just call us today to make an appointment. There is always one of our certified technicians on duty to help with your exhaust needs.


Corsa is conveniently located in Huntington Beach near the 405 Freeway, easily accessed from the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties. Through our partners nearby, Corsa can arrange 24-hour towing services to pick up or drop off customer vehicles.

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