Wrapping your vehicle is the alternate way of getting a different color rather than getting a quality paint job. We offer a huge selection of different colors and styles from Gloss, Satin, Matte, and even Chrome. Not only will your Tesla have a sweet new color, it will attract attention from other Tesla owners. With a Vinyl Wrap, you will not have to worry about being stuck with the color.

Whenever you are ready to remove the wrap, bring your vehicle back to one of our locations and we will have one of our installers carefully remove the wrap. The material that we work with leaves no damage to the paint or vehicle so your Tesla will look just like the way you purchased it once removed.

Tinting your car windows has long been a first step towards customizing your Tesla. It shades you from the heat, aids the car’s air conditioning efficiency, and provides privacy. You can choose from a variety of shades and darknesses as well as film quality. The more expensive films are more effective at blocking heat and interior damaging UV rays, as well as carry a longer manufacturer warranty. All tints look good when new, but continuous exposure to heat and sun will have your windows becoming hazy in a year or two when an inferior film is used. Window tint film can be applied to as many windows as you would like. The more coverage you have, the better the protection from the sun you will enjoy.

The chrome delete package is the most popular customization we offer for Teslas. While some Tesla owners prefer the chrome styling, there are just as many who prefer to cover it up. A De-Chrome can be accomplished a few ways. The most expensive chrome delete package entails our technicians removing all of the chrome pieces and having them professionally sanded and painted. While this method is the most durable, most Tesla customers choose to have their vehicle's chrome wrapped in gloss or matte vinyl wrap. Vinyl wrap is most cost-effective and allows you the option to remove it down the line if you choose to sell the vehicle or have a lease return.

Powder coating your wheels is a budget-friendly way to make your car look distinctive without putting a large dent on your wallet. It’s a way to put your personal stamp on your car without having to spring for 22” wheels and tires. Let's face it, silver wheels just don't look great on such a beautiful car. Tesla charges an absurd amount for black wheels, save yourself some serious dough and let our powder coating pros chemically strip and powder your wheels. Powder comes is a massive variety of colors so you can choose a truly unique style for your Tesla. 

Let's face it, Tesla's are expensive. When you make such a large investment in your vehicle, protecting it from bugs, road spray, scratches and debris that can mar your finish should be at the top of your list! Paint Protection Film, or Clear Bra, is an effective solution for keeping your Tesla's expensive paint job safe from the elements. There are a variety of Paint Protection Film options you can choose from depending on your budget and how much of the vehicle you want to protect. The film is extremely durable but also very challenging to install properly so let the experts at Corsa Motorsport take care of your vehicle's paint.

Emblem customization is another popular customization request we get from Tesla owners. Adding a subtle custom flare to your emblems is a great way to make your model S, X or 3 unique without breaking the bank. At Apex Customs we offer a wide variety of options for customizing your emblems. We can swap your emblems for a custom aftermarket set, wrap your OEM emblems in any color or style of vinyl wrap you choose, spray your emblems in a custom liquid vinyl color, or even professionally paint them to match your Tesla's OEM color. 

Another simple way to personalize your Tesla would be to spring for smoked taillights. Overly vivid taillights can be an eyesore if you’re looking for a stealth effect for your ride. Smoked taillights are easily replaceable, so you can preserve your OEM units for when you sell the vehicle, or simply want to go back to your original lights. At Corsa Motorsport we offer a variety of options for smoking your tail lights. The most durable option is to have your taillights professionally painted by our paint and body experts. If you're looking for a non-permanent option, we offer a custom tint overlay product which is installed similarly to vinyl wrap and standard window tint. While this option is not as durable as a professional paint application, the film used to smoke your taillights can easily be removed.

Brake caliper powder coating is another common Tesla customization request we get. Powder Coating is the most durable paint coating available on the market and is the best solution for changing the color of your calipers.

Powder Coating has the durability and longevity to withstand the punishing heat and brake pad dust created every time you step on your brakes. Powder Coating is available is a huge selection of colors and finishes giving you a wide variety of color options to add a unique style to your Tesla. Whether you want to refinish grubby looking calipers or want a contrasting color, brake caliper powder coating is another small touch that points to the detail-oriented person in you.





We have over 300+ colors & finishes to choose from. There are Gloss, Matte, Satin, Pearls, Carbon Fiber, Brushed Steel, and Chrome colors. These are but a few of the main categories of to choose from; samples are available/viewable at our shop in Huntington Beach, CA.