Get a whole new look While protecting your vehicle

High numbers of car enthusiasts prefer to wrap their cars in vinyl film instead of repainting it, for multiple reasons. What vinyl film wrapping realty means is:
• Giving your car a new life.
• Protection of the original car paint from any physical damage.
• Top service: modern materials and latest installation technologies cause no damage to the paint during the installation process of a vinyl wrap on a vehicle or during its removal.

In addition to a wide range of colors, film makers also offer a variety of finishes from: glossy, matt, rough, sparkling, chrome-plated. Our vinyl wrap will give your car a unique and catchy look, while our experienced installers will perfectly match the vinyl film wrap to the exact specifics of your car , meeting your personal needs and preferences.


Benefits of Color change wraps

Perfectly safe for the paint

Similar to Paint Protection Film, vinyl wrap also protects your paint from rocks, scratches, and damages.

Color Selection and Finish

With our wide array of colors combined with the various selection of finishes from matte, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed, carbon fiber, & chrome finishes your vehicle will be a custom vehicle.

Alternative to painting

Our vinyl wraps at a reasonable cost mean a completely new style of your car, with no difficulties. If you get tired of the color—simply remove the film.

Time & Value

Painting a vehicle can be a long process. With a color change wrap, it’s a quicker process and can be completed in less time.

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